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Hey, Its been a while since I have written a journal post for anything, but this is kind of important, so I am writing this now. Tomorrow, I am getting on an airplane for the first time in my life, flying for 20 hours, and switching planes twice in order to go half way around the world for school. I am going to be studying abroad in japan for about a year, and I am not bringing my digital art stuff with me, I may not be making or posting much, as I will be busy living life and experiencing things. I expect internet places like DA to be a last priority.

if you are wondering, I am staying with a host family, they do not speak much English, so I will be speaking a lot of japanese, I am probably bound to come back pretty fluent. I will be studying, art classes and japanese ones, and in my free time, I probably will be exploring tokyo and the surrounding areas, taking pictures, and other important things. Well, I have a good number of things to do as I leave at an insane hour in the morning.
Stories 2 by Kazetatsu
Stories 2
Another survey of doodles symilar to the last set I did but with less characters and the inclusion of some backgrounds depending on the image.

1. There was a story about brush becoming captured as a pet when she traveled to a world where the languages she can speak are not understood. The owner was supposed to be a collector of exotic beasts who lived in a castle/mansion.

2. In some lore I made up, a dragon connected to the universe created all the lights in the night sky by shattering his claws and horns, and placing the shards in the once all dark canopy.

3. Flicker and his mother Veil (owned by :icontabbytwist:), with flicker being the much larger of the pair.

4. Flicker in the middle of turning into a lava like consistency and exploding

5. Paint riding her dragon Accolypse on a forest path.

6. Akiko took on a human like form for herself, and is getting ready for some kind of event, while one of her cousins, who can not use a human like form is playing in the makeup.

7. Although Set'th is often thought to be very much like an animal in the way he thinks, he does have a 'useless' artistic hobby, and when he is not working hard to survive, he enjoys carving animal figures from wood.

8. Kohaku usually looks mildly approachable, and is usually at the scale of your average leopard or cougar when in her cat form, but long before she belonged to any group, she usually appeared bigger, and might hunt dear, or other creatures quite easily, and worse, enjoyed their pain.

9. This canine used to represent me as a fursona before I realized brush had become much closer to an extention of myself than she was.

10. A tribal snow leopard and a simple green bunny, newer characters of mine, by the names of 'Jin' and 'Fuwa' They are just friends.

11. I was guessing at what i look like from the back, for fun.
Flicker ref(updated) by Kazetatsu
Flicker ref(updated)

Age:2 years or older


Group: GloryBrook

Rank: Scout

Size: large

Abilities: Flame immunity, Regeneration, Removable soul, Possession of other beings, stealing others' energy through contact, possibly other ones as well.

Weaknesses: Can not regenerate in water/while wet. Water causes gradual exhaustion. If he is in it too long, it will kill him. When his soul is out, His body is vulnerable, he remains conscious, and can respond and remember things, but his sense of reality is greatly diminished and He can not regenerate.

Likes: water, things that sparkle, pretty things, swimming, climbing, 'flying' (soul out of body), doing risky things,

Dislikes: extreme cold, Velocity, physically ugly things/people, mud,

family: Veil(mom), Tasai(dad), Thermal(brother)
I am kind of in a slump for ideas, but I don't want to do requests. I am looking for suggestions for my own characters, or generic ones, so any settings you want me to try? scenarios you think might be interesting to see? pairings(romantic or not)?  anything?

I am just artistically lost right now, and I don't want to draw some generic-looking cat or dog that happens to be someone's oc
Stories by Kazetatsu
I was in a mood to draw a whole bunch of my characters, most of them are older, and I never get to use them in role plays or other situations any more. I still adore them of course, and am looking for ways to show them off more. Most are so specific to the world they were made for that it is hard to come up with ideas now for them.

1. Set'th with rosa(credit to :icondragonempress3:) Although set'th usually shuns her when he is around her, he actually might care for her, in his own way if he thought she needed it.

2. Miki the fay-mouse, with her wings out.

3. A newer character named Malik, here he is being possessed by something.

4. Sem eating something normal for once.

5. Splattered-flame, a semi spiritual being based of a cat who's job is to guide souls to the afterlife and Kinza, a spirit fox, who never was alive. She is holding a mask which Splattered-flame needs to wear to look normal, and interact with the living.

6. Human style brush, looking at a random dragon who may or may not be related to her. Black with glowing colors is a really common design, but it looks too cool.

7. Akiko, and her mentor kiba, It does not look it much, but Akiko trained too hard and now is stuck unable to use any of her skills for a while.

8. sem in his animal form using his portal creation ability to move from space to space.

9. Salia and the head of her enemy Soyakata(credit to :iconsomberface:) Salia hates Soya more than anyone else at the moment.

10. 'Centaur' form of Tsuki, a half fox who does illusions, putting on a show for the cyborg bat 907, a small nature dragon named finehel, and two fey-mice who I designed but never gave names.

11. my two headed snake character named Aihagwe

12. an older version of Sem, with Kohaku draped around him, since outside of their worlds the two of them seem related. of course, the only way sem could 'grow up' would be for his personality to become more mature, and for him to learn self control. If he relapsed, he would become like a kid again.

13. Shin, my equine character who is based of the stories of lights that make travelers lost in the woods. His kind of creatures are meant to prey on humans, but he does not so He has to make due with what he can find, like this rotten apple hanging on a dead tree.

14. Kohaku and sem again, this time both in human forms. when they are they really do look like they could be blood related. Kohaku acts as a disciplinary figure in Sem's life, and usually stops him from getting into the worst possible trouble.

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