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why have I not been doing art much lately? I should be making stuff, like really making stuff not just doodles that I know I'll never post. To be honest I am trying to figure out why exactly I have been creating things for years. what drives me. what are my new dreams? I've reached all the ones I had before college. for some reason, 'I do it because I love doing it' isn't a good enough cause to create things any more. Yet this is what I should be doing especially at this critical time. Creating things for no reason but I want to, and not caring if it happens to be good enough for a grade, or if it has some deep meaning or is just there for the sake of itself. Yet I am not. The only one grading me is me, the only one analyzing my work for purpose is me. I need to stop grading myself and just make things or do things because I can, and stop striving for standards I only give myself which I can never reach to begin with.
Floating above it all. by Kazetatsu
Floating above it all.
I wanted to draw brush, in a more detailed than usual version, and try and show some of the textures without being too realistic. Also I got some feedback about my 3d version from teachers that was really upsetting, so I drew her to make up for that because the drawing fits her far better than that thing ended up doing, and she looks more like she could actually exist in a drawing than in the 3d thing. The original file of this image, is incredibly huge.(her head can almost fill my screen at scale 100%) I probably could have made it smaller but I found it easier to work with a big file this time around.

without all the things we used to do, its hard to draw and develop the characters sometimes, when their place has changed forms. I wish we could do that draw to roleplay thing again, but with all the bells and fancy colors and tools we have on computers, I wish we could do it with the same simplicity we did on hatena during those days. amazing how a simple nintendo device and a website which doesn't really exist now can bring people together. I want something like that again....

If you don't know about the watermark, Loner is one of the names I use. It's more common for me to use than Kazetatsu, and its the name I went by when this character was originally created. I may sign any piece with either name.
what Have I been up to? by Kazetatsu
what Have I been up to?
mostly doing stuff in maya for a directed study, and I have an internship with a working artist so I have not been doing my normal stuff at all, of course one of the things I would try to do is characters. I am also working on landscape modeling, simple animations etc. I probably won't get into character animation yet, its taking more time than I'd like things to since I am learning as I go, and the semester has about six weeks left. anyone else work with 3d or know people who do? I'd like to see other beginner/nonprofessional 3d work.

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Happy Birthday Loner~
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Happy Birthday, Loner!
DarkStar312 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016
hey! i don't know if you remember me, when met in hatena in what seems was 13279 years ago ahah i happened to have re-discovered flipnote and got motivated enough to passthrough DA lmao. i hope you're alright! :heart:
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Teayl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! it's Teayl, from WCRPG, who plays Dryad. I'm just drawing Shiren and Dryad, so it was convenient you have Shiren's picture on here!
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